Characters: Umi ♥ Ruby ♥ Ayumu
Birthday: April 16th
Astrology Sign: Aries

Height: 164 cm
Personality Type: ENFP
Hobbies: writing, drawing, painting, video games, reading, learning kanji
Food Likes: candy, yakisoba, sushi, spaghetti, cookies
Food Dislikes: mushrooms, nuts, celery, lettuce

Favorite Color: emerald green

I'm Raylene and I've been cosplaying for over seven years now. I'm super into superheroes and Japanese anime, and may have a bit of an obsession for video games. I'm a student at MSU, work part-time, and also try to cosplay for as many events as possible. I do a lot of volunteer and nonprofit work in my free time, and I adore Japanese idol groups. 私のことをよろしくお願いします。♡

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